Development partner | Change of perspective agent | Catalyst


My coaching offering is pitched both at individuals in a professional and private context and at teams. I support you with changes, challenges and conflicts - personally and virtually.

In the process, I focus on strengths and resources with the aim of connecting the customer optimally with his strengths and resources, enabling him to bring them to bear in solving his challenges. Questioning techniques, theoretical models and changes in perspective prompt you to challenge your inner attitude, develop coherent solutions for yourself and your context, and expand your own behavioural repertoire.

During coaching - both as an individual or team member - you contribute your own personality, your experiences, resources, blind spots and sensitivities. I respect this and tread carefully. We address your concerns and I serve you as a development partner, change of perspective agent and catalyst - for your personal development and for better team cooperation that is fun and drives performance.


  • Team development and support with challenges, changes and conflicts within teams
  • Taking on new roles
  • Personal change
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • Forging a professional and personal life / integrating different aspects of life
  • Application and assessment coaching
  • Career Coaching