Improving cooperation and leadership practices,
enhancing satisfaction and performance.

Photo of Dr. Daniela Dolle while giving a lecture.


As a graduate psychologist with a PhD in management (doctora oeconomiae - Dr. oec.-HSG) and a systemic consultancy qualification, I consider your concerns from different professional perspectives. During my psychology degree course, I made a close study of human experience, behaviour and learning, as well as group / team building and development. I extended this education to encompass the macro-organisational level at the University of St. Gallen. Which soft factors are particularly influential on organisational performance and how can one change and manage these factors? One of the things I learnt in my systemic additional training was to ask effective questions, effectively organise the consulting / coaching process and to think systemically. My profile is rounded off with sundry other training courses in the fields of facilitation, dialectics and management/leadership. I give you effective and professional support.

Theoretical knowledge coupled with practical experience.

In working with me you benefit from my more than ten years of practical experience as a manager, leader, personnel development manager, business consultant and researcher. In my seven years as the head of a personnel development department in an international, diversified group, I reported directly to the Group Main Board and gained valuable experience of change management, new role development and strategic personnel development work. From personal experience as a head of department, mother of two children, and wife in a dual-career couple I know what issues and conflicting goals arise in reconciling one’s professional and personal life. I know just how complex work-life models can become and, in this context, how important it is to look after oneself to sustain long-term performance.


  • 15+ years professional experience in human resource and organisational development
  • of which 7 years’ as a manager and leader, developing and directing human resource development at Zeppelin GmbH
  • Management consulting experience at energy factory St. Gallen AG, working on human resource management, leadership development, employer attractiveness, employee surveys
  • Research and teaching experience in the leadership and human resource management field (Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch)
  • Doctoral thesis: “Vitalizing Management Systems in Organizations: The Role of Culture, Leadership and Human Resource Management”
  • Lived in USA (attended school) and Switzerland (work)
  • Mother of two children – one of the best schools when it comes to leadership and self-knowledge


  • My aspiration for our collaboration: depth, meaning and value.
  • Clear and direct on substantive matters; respectful and positive towards people
  • Working with the client as equals, transparent dealings
  • Use of both reason and intuition
  • Strong in creating structure, moderation, recognising associations
  • Scientifically sound, but pragmatic
  • Dependable and trustworthy
  • What has shaped me: developing new positions, introducing new roles, dealing with compatibility issues and successfully combining the work and private / family spheres, positioning as a female leader in masculine dominated contexts, facilitating in dynamic settings