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Companies’ competitive advantage has long since not just been based on the products and services the company develops and sells, but increasingly on the people it employs. Leadership, corporate culture, development opportunities and professional and modern human resource management are critical in attracting and retaining specialists and leaders. This is exactly what my consulting offering addresses.

I accompany people in organisations in managing change. I also offer expert advice on the topics of human resource management, human resource development and organisational development.

I support you in the role and with the intensity of your choosing as a:

  • workshop moderator
  • concept developer
  • sparring partner
  • keynote address speaker


  • Diagnosing the need for change and setting up and supporting change projects
    Examples: Introducing a new leadership philosophy, development of leadership guidelines / values, setting up employee surveys, managing survey follow-up processes for structured further work with the results
  • Changing / developing the HR function within the company
    Examples: Introducing the role of HR Business Partner, developing personnel managers’ counselling skills, diagnosis of the "HR landscape" and development of recommendations for action
  • Introduction / modernisation of HR, personnel development / organisational development tools and processes
    Examples: Introduction of a Talent Management process, modernisation of Performance Management, systematising human resource development (identifying high-potentials and designing training programmes, for existing leaders and the potential leaders of tomorrow alike)
  • Accompanying organisations in the targeted further development of their attractiveness as an employer, e.g. as part of the TOP JOB follow-up consultation (in cooperation with zeag GmbH)

Strategic Partners

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Zentrum für Arbeit­geber­attrak­ti­vität | Silke Masurat

Developing a better working environment together –

I can identify 100% with this mission of the Centre for Employer Attractiveness (zeag GmbH). In close cooperation, we jointly accompany medium-sized companies on their way to becoming a more attractive employer - from the inside out.